AppFollow quarterly results for Q3 2016

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AppFollow quarterly results for Q3 2016
TL;DR: We launched AppFollow ver. 2.0 + new web-site + new customisable tariffs.

That’s our second take on quarterly reports. So, it’s already a tradition :)

Quick recap on major features added within last 3 months:

  • We introduced Google Play Dev Console OAuth integration — a much smoother way to work with Google Play data.
  • We launched our new shiny and bright web-site — we were struggling to do that for the last half a year.
  • New customisable tariffs went live: now each customer can pay according to his needs with the help of our price calculator.
  • We’ve updated our Telegram bot (@AppFollowbot), now it’s quicker, smarter and more user-friendly.

All this combined with previous announcements finally got AppFollow to version 2.0. This upgrade didn’t come unnoticed to Product Hunt community which gave us over 1100 up-votes.

In terms of metrics Q3 is our best quarter so far:

  • We doubled number of active accounts from 2k to 4.5k.
  • MRR at the end of Q3 equals $6'585 growing by 45% compared to Q2.
  • Our Q-o-Q revenue growth is 35% reaching $27'000 for Q3.
  • We managed to keep churn lower than 2% within whole quarter.
Results for the last 4 quarters, Q4'16 — forecast

Few comments on that:

  • As I wrote in previous report, we now focus on growing our community, which is going pretty well so far thanks to Free plan.
  • Despite being a second target, our overall financial results were quite good. Our both revenue streams (subscription and ASO) continue to grow and we expect to be again cash positive in Q1'17.
  • From now on we’ll pay a much closer attention to all major metrics such as MRR, LTV and churn as there is a lot of space for improvement.

Q4'16 plans:

  • Reach 10k registered accounts milestone.
  • Target $1ok in MRR.
  • Continue releasing new features + improve on-boarding and user engagement.
  • Launch partnership program. Write us if you’re interested in developing a mutually successful partnership.
  • Optimise planning, processes and overall work load within our team in order to stay efficient and focused.

Our current roadmap is here, we always appreciate your comments and inputs.

We couldn’t achieve all of that without our new team members, please, welcome them. And we’re still hiring! :)

Stay tuned.

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