AppFollow 2.3 — 2016 latest update

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AppFollow 2.3 — 2016 latest update

The latest AppFollow update in 2016 includes new sales and download reports from the App Store and Google Play, AppsFlyer integration, review posting on Twitter and Telegram as well Search Ads support in our ASO Tools component.

1. Sales Report: your App Store and Google Play apps sales & downloads stats

In December we launched one of the most customers anticipated integrations — Sales and Download Reports for Slack. Add this feature in your app settings on AppFollow and get daily updates on1 new downloads, sessions and sales. All currency rates are automatically converted to USD.

Sales & Downloads Report Example

It’s possible to setup daily or weekly reporting, we are also testing short summary sales reports for all the apps in your account. The integration is available for all our users without any limits. Find the setup guide here.

2. AppsFlyer Integration

We have good news for mobile marketers who use AppsFlyer. Now you can get reports for all your campaigns including organic traffic and Search Ads right in your Slack. The reports consist of clicks, downloads and sales data.

AppsFlyer Report Example

It’s very easy to add this integration. Go to ‘Integrations’ tab in your app and choose ‘Trackers & Ads’. If you’d like to receive reports from other platforms, let us know by dropping a line to We will take it into account.

3. WebHook URL Support and Reviews in Telegram

At the moment AppFollow fully supports WebHook URL. It means you can get information about user reviews in any service that supports WebHooks. For example, you can see app reviews in Telegram:

User Reviews in Telegram

If you like Telegram as much as we do, learn more about setup here.

4. Post Best App Reviews on Twitter

One more great news for marketing and SMM managers. Now you can automatically post positive user reviews on Twitter. It can be a personal page or corporate account or your app account. Have a look at the example:

To attract user’s attention AppFollow posts reviews along with the image and direct link.

The setup process is very simple. Open app you’d like to promote on AppFollow, select ‘Integrations’, then tab ‘Sharing’. Remember to set the filter to publish only desired reviews. There is a daily limit of posts, so, no worries about spamming your account.

5. Search Ads in ASO Tools

Now something cool for those who are interested in ASO. Recently we’ve added Search Ads support to the set of our ASO tools. Now you can:

  • get relevant to your app keywords as it is shown in Search Ads. Every phrase is estimated on a scale from 5 to 100,
  • receive evaluation for any keywords set (not connected to a particular app).
Search Ads result example

Currently it works only for US App Store, we’re looking forward when Apple starts providing data for other countries.
Important: Search Ads and the complete set of ASO tools are available only for paid AppFollow accounts that ticked the relevant box at the moment of subscription. If you’d like to try these tools, write us in the web-site chat. We will put you on trial period.

6. Updated Personal Profile

Perhaps, you’ve already noticed changes in your personal profile design. We tried to make it more convenient and simple by placing main tabs on the left vertical menu. This way you can find necessary information quicker. Switching between the collections is on the very top. On the bottom you can find your account current status.

7. One more thing

In the end of 2016 we got a nice surprise from Product Hunt. Our bot was nominated for The Best Bot of 2016 award. Even though we didn’t win, we are very happy that our efforts were appreciated in such a nice way.

Big thanks to everyone who voted for AppFollow on Product Hunt.

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