AppFollow 2.5: March edition

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AppFollow 2.5: March edition

Spring is in the air. And new update to AppFollow service as well. This time no major announcements, but a bunch of improvements so it would be much easier for you to use our service. All changes are based on real events… oops, I meant on real users feedback ?

1. Apps Rating in Collection view

We’ve been asked for a while to add Rating view — stars that everyone likes so much. So, we listened and added average App Rating together with the number of given marks in App Collection view & in app profile.

Do not forget to point mouse on the stars to see some additional info

2. Google Play Reviews Service information

If you didn’t set up Google Play Dev Console OAuth integration, it’s time to do it now — we’ve added a lot of new data to each review: OS, Device name, App version and more.

And remember that OAuth allows to answer reviews directly from AppFollow dashboard. If you work with the feedback a lot, we as well have reviews tagging, internal notes & reviews history log for you.

3. Sub-category support for App Store

When tracking your rankings, it’s quite important to know exact category for your app, especially in gem-dev. We’ve added sub-categories in both dashboard & Slack-reports. It would be much easier now to process this data:

Arcade & Action, not just Games

4. Scheduled Slack-reports

Not long ago we’ve launched several new reports in Slack: Sales & Downloads Report, AppsFlyer, Appmetrica and Search Ads. Almost immediately we’ve started to receive requests on setting up scheduling for them: once a day / a week / a months. Well, it’s done. Now you can receive all the updates the way you prefer.

Weekly report example

You can set up needed frequency in your AppFollow personal account.

5. Device-based keywords

Right after we launched ASO Tools as a free option for all of our customers, we’ve been asked to separate keywords according to the platform: iPhone, iPad, Android. We’ve added this option as well: now you can track different keywords lists for each respective device.

Different devices get different results

6. Choosing search phrases to track

Recently announced ASO Tools allow to choose keywords & phrases specifically for your app. Now with one click on specially drawn green plus you can add any search phrase in Keywords monitoring tool. Now it’s that easy to set up semantic core for your apps!

7. AppFollow bot update

And last but not least change for today: both of our bots — Slack & Telegram— now support requests for Apple TV apps.

And we added Refresh button for search results & category top: just click to refresh results for the last request sent.

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