Free ASO Tools

Use Free App Store Optimization Tools to see store searches, find app keywords, do a market analysis and grow your app store visibility. Use free AppFollow ASO and Market Research Tools to win in app stores.

Free ASO Tools

Top Charts

Best Android and iOS apps: best free apps, best paid apps and best grossing apps in each category and country. Analyze this data to see trends in app stores and listings’ leaders.



See what is a good conversion rate for each app category in App Store or Google Play using Conversion Rate Benchmark. Compare average conversion rates with your app metrics and make assumptions on your app improvement.


App Store Keywords Countries and Localizations

Find which App Store countries influence each other in ASO: use this hack to grow visibility in the app store and target more keywords.


Featured Apps

Discover App Store Featured Apps every day in every country: monitor App of the Day, Top Apps or Games This Week, Trending Apps or Games to see where your app can fit or just look at the worldwide trends.

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