Exploring app reputation: the battle between Threads and Twitter

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Exploring app reputation: the battle between Threads and Twitter

Table of Content:

  1. Reviews comparison
  2. Implications and insights
  3. Conclusion

Social media apps are constantly fighting for a prime spot under the sun. Unfortunately, that means drastic changes for the users, who are then stuck deciding which platform is less of a pain for connecting with other people.

Instagram's Threads, a platform similar to Twitter, has recently emerged as a potential contender without any prior warning. What's funny is that people using Threads and Twitter can't stop mentioning each platform in their reviews. Why is that?

In this article, we’ll take a dive into app reputation and examine the dynamics between Threads and Twitter. You’ll see what's really going on between Threads and Twitter users, and what it could mean for both platforms.

phrase analysis in AppFollow
Phrase analysis dashboard in AppFollow

Reviews comparison

To get to the bottom of the Threads versus Twitter feud, we analyzed tons of user reviews from both sides.

  • Out of the 10,000 App Store reviews for Threads, a whopping 1600 (16%) dragged Twitter into the mix.
  • Out of 58,800 Google Play reviews, 7000 (12%) brought up Twitter. Notably, 2500 of these reviews were 1-star ratings.

Basically, Threads users can't help but compare their app against Twitter, implying they think Threads is missing something.

Users are upset that they can't delete their Threads accounts without also losing their Instagram account in the process, and the lack of a translation feature is missed by many. These reviews are a treasure trove of information for Meta, and one can only hope they will at least listen to their user base this time.

semantic analysis in AppFollow
Semantic analysis dashboard in AppFollow

Indeed—the Threads team has not replied to a single review so far. They had one tough day on July 6, getting a staggering 25,700 reviews in one swoop, and not a word was spoken. You'd think they'd want to engage with their users and actually address these issues, but maybe the problem of user feedback runs deeper at this point.

ai replies AppFollow
AI-generated replies in AppFollow

Now, onto Twitter. In just the last ten days, 47 reviews brought up Threads. Twitter users aren't shy about comparing their app experience to Threads either. This two-way app comparison highlights the user base overlap and mutual curiosity about the other app.

Implications and insights

People can't stop comparing Threads and Twitter, showing just how big of a deal an app's reputation and what others are saying about it can be. It's clear users are looking for the best social media experience, and they're not afraid to point out what they want in terms of features, the interface, and the whole user experience.

For Threads and Twitter, all this comparison talk isn't just chatter—it's extremely useful feedback. It's a clear picture of what users prefer. If they're smart, they'll pay attention to this information, learn from what their rival is doing right, and get to work on fixing their own shortcomings.


Users of both platforms will only continue to compare both platforms together, analyzing changes and the overall direction the apps are taking. Threads and Twitter both must actively listen to what their users say. That’s how you can learn what needs improving, spur some innovation, and make using social media a better experience for everyone.

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